Birthday Invitation Messages

Birthday Invitation Messages and Wording Ideas

Birthday invitations are equally important for a birthday party. Everyone is genuinely moved by a sincere and heartfelt invitation. Words are the most powerful tool for winning hearts. Create a one-of-a-kind birthday invitation for a memorable birthday party. Here is a collection of birthday invitation texts and phrases that will assist you in sending a pleasant and lovely invitation on WhatsApp fast and easily. Choose and send the birthday invitations below to the cute and loving individuals in your life.

Daughter’s Birthday Party Invitation

  • My dear family members, a Year ago [Birthday Date] is the day when we were blessed by god from a sweet little angle. You all are cordially invited to celebrate this special day [Date&Time] [Venue]. Your presences are valuable for us in this celebration. Please come and give your precious blessing to our princess.
  • Come join us on [date] as we celebrate the birthday of our beautiful daughter [name]. Your presence there can be the reason for a big smile on her face.
  • Every bit of moment will be celebrated with lots of fun, love, and happiness on our daughter’s birthday. Come join us at [VENUE] on [DATE] at [TIME] and bless our daughter.
  • With great delight, we are inviting you to the most awaited birthday party of the year. Join us to have a share in our happiness and give your blessings to our daughter.
  • You are all invited to the 1st birthday of our baby girl this weekend on Sunday. I hope to see you at our place.
  • She is turning [age] just after a few days. Please be with us on [date] as we make this birthday of her a truly wonderful event to remember for life.
  • We are going to celebrate the birthday of our daughter with a big cake and a lot of fun. You are cordially invited to be a part of the beautiful night.
  • Come join us on [DATE] as we celebrate the birthday of our little girl [NAME]. As she loves you and loves your company, your presence will bring a big smile to her face on her birthday.
  • It’s her birthday on [date] and we want to make sure that she spends the day with her favorite foods and favorite people. We invite you to be there!
  • Our beautiful daughter will be celebrating her birthday this ____ evening. Join us at her birthday celebration and bless upon.
  • We have decided to make this day the most special day for our lovely daughter. We want you to be our guest and double the joy of our lovely daughter. Come join us and be a part of the celebration on [DATE].
  • Our little angel is growing up so fast that you won’t believe that she is turning [age] on [date]. We have decided to throw a party for her and she will be surprised to see you there. You are invited!
  • We look forward to host you on our daughter’s birthday as we celebrate her turning as [AGE]. Come join us and enjoy the beautiful evening. Just come visit us at the venue [INFO].
  • You All Are Invited For A Pajama Sleep-over Party On Our Little Girl’s Birthday. There Will Be Pizza And Burger, Coke, And A Movie
  • Son’s Birthday Party Invitation

  • Our little prince is going to have the most colorful birthday party of his life. We want you to be our guest because your presence will double the joy of the night.
  • Dear All, we are happy to invite you all to my prince [Name] birthday party celebration. Please come and give your love and blessings to him. [Date and Time] [Venue]
  • Our little prince charming is turning a year older and we won’t make this day special by celebrating in the best possible way. So we welcome you to the [VENUE] on [DATE].
  • He is just going to turn one on [date]. Please be there to say happy birthday to our son as we celebrate the very first birthday of his life!
  • With great pleasure, I want you to know that our son is turning [age] on [date]. You and your family are invited to share our joy as we celebrate the start of a new year of our child.
  • He is growing up so fast and growing up so handsome. On [date] he is turning [age]. We invite you to help us celebrate the day for him.
  • Dear all, I am feeling very happy and grateful while sending you this invitation, [Date] is my son’s birthday. Do honor me to be my guest on this special occasion. We have a huge celebration with limitless food and appetizers for all. I am expecting you all at [Venue]
  • We are looking forward to hosting you on [date] as we celebrate the most special day for our son. Our son will be delighted to see his favorite uncle lifting up a toast for him.
  • We want to celebrate every bit of our boy’s birthday celebration and want to add charm by giving your presence at the [VENUE] on [DATE]. SO mark the date and come to have fun on a special day.
  • Every bit of happiness and sweets will be there in celebration of our son. Come and have a fun-filled time.
  • Lovely friends, [Name] is turning [year] old. It is our pleasure and honor to invite you to celebrate his/her birthday. Come let’s blow out the candles, fill the balloons with sweet candies, and cut the yummy cake together. Dance, food, and fun together [Date and Time] [Venue]
  • He is just going to turn one on [date]. Please be there to say happy birthday to our son as we celebrate the very first birthday of his life!
  • My Birthday Invitation Wordings

  • Dear All, You all are cordially invited tomorrow to my birthday celebration. Let’s have party guys and have fun together. Friend’s like you in this celebration makes it special and delight. See you at [Venue and Time]
  • Dear friends! Come and join me in celebrating my birthday tomorrow. I hope no one of you will miss it.
  • Dear friends, let’s toast the glasses and have fun at my birthday celebration [Date, Time and Venue] I wish my friends can take a yummy cake with candles so that I can cut that and blow out all the candles.
  • It’s the most special day for me. As I was planning to throw a wonderful birthday party at our residence, your name came first on the list of the guests. Please be my guest!
  • My dearer and nearer, you all are invited on [Date] in [Name] birthday celebration. [Name] become [year] years old. Don’t miss the chance to become a part of this huge celebration. It will come again after a long 365 days.
  • We want your company to taste some good food, pass some good times and enjoy some good birthday fun. Please be our guest on [date] to celebrate the birthday of [name]
  • I have a small party at my place to celebrate my birthday. Your presence is a must, so don’t forget the date. [Date, venue, at [time].
  • Dear friends, please put lots of candles on a yummy cake and come fast at [Venue] I am here and waiting for all of you to celebrate my special day with you. Let’s have awesome and hilarious party friends.
  • With all pleasure, I invite you all to the birthday party of my son to be held at our residence tomorrow from 6 pm onwards. I would await your gracious presence at the occasion and make my son and us much happier with your presence.

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